"WHAT I ENJOY MOST ABOUT WORKING WITH DAVE  is how quickly he grabs both the subtle aspects of
the concept and the nitty gritty details of the job. It’s VERY reassuring to have him around, and helps keep the team out of the weeds. He’s
unfailingly smart, fast, and resourceful. Packaging, signage, product pages, articles, editing, you name it. If you hire writers for a living,
you'll enjoy working with Dave. I know I do."

  -- Paul Donovan, Copy Director, Brookstone Corp.

"DAVE HAS ONE OF THE MOST NIMBLE MINDS  I've met in over 20+ years in the ad biz. Like most good
writers, he quickly grasps objectives, asks smart questions to delve deeper, generates original ideas and then crafts impeccably-targeted
copy. But Dave goes way beyond that. He's an amazing fount of knowledge both marketing-relevant and obscure .... hard-wired to keep
learning and expanding his skills, and he patiently shares his wisdom with junior writers and other colleagues. He's articulate in person
as well as on paper. He's serious about working hard yet instigates hilarious team-building activities when morale could use a boost. We
were darn lucky to get him in our group, and I'd hire him again in a heartbeat."

  -- Margaret Nikoleit, Creative Manager, United Healthcare

"I HAVE WORKED WITH DAVE ON NUMEROUS PROJECTS  over the last 5 years. He understands how
to finely-tune and craft copy across a wide range of online and offline communications to achieve results, most notably for e-commerce
and branding projects. I have and will continue to recommend Dave to colleagues that have needs for an experienced senior writer."

  -- Dan Roberge, Interactive Visual Designer, IBM

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