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Writing WaterShed

Posted in Uncategorized by CopyBlogger on the December 16th, 2014

2014 MarCom Award – GOLD (Informational Category)

NOT LONG AFTER joining Creative Co-op (Exeter, NH) in March 2014, I got an assignment for a series of educational fact sheets–something a little different than I usually do. The client, a Mid-Atlantic electric utility, had purchased a prize-winning solar home called WaterShed for display as a permanent exhibit of sustainable living practices. As the grand opening approached they needed fact sheets, signage and premiums for a wide range of attendees, ranging from teachers and students to Washington officials.

The level of complexity within WaterShed was daunting, with hundreds of eco-friendly features. How to sum up the whole house at a glance? Lacking the time or budget  for infographics, I applied some basic communication tactics such as numerical sidebars and icon-organized tables to say a lot in a relatively small space. (Click any thumbnail below for a readable version.)


WaterShed_factsheet3_front WaterShed_factsheet2_front

I organized key features and lessons into four guiding themes: energy, water, landscape and home. These themes, in turn, were keyed to simple icons that defined and integrated each display within the larger whole.

Signage was another need, guiding clients to the WaterShed site across a large corporate campus. So I wrote a series of double-sided banners lining the roadway. Teasers on the front intrigued arriving visitors and featured the same icons, while the backs offered visitors simple tips as they were leaving. Here are a couple of examples:



The opening went off without a hitch, the client was happy and WaterShed is now open to the public, helping visitors learn how they can reduce their energy use, curb erosion and keep local water resources free of harmful runoff. In October the program earned a gold for informational materials at the 2014 MarCom Awards–a nice bonus for the kind of writing I really enjoy doing.

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