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Happy 50, Dave

DAVE TURNS 50 — JULY 13, 2013

Dave 51 2014

DAVE TURNS 51 — JULY 13, 2014

IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME between updates. Fortunately birthdays are always a good excuse for taking stock, so here we are. Since last October I have landed a full-time copywriting job, lost 105 pounds and gone to Disneyworld. Here’s a very quick rundown:

> The job is at a small agency called Creative Co-op, in the venerable town of Exeter, New Hampshire. In February an old colleague from Brookstone tipped me off that she was leaving CCO, so I placed a call and did a three-month freelance trial before landing the job full-time in June. Now I am gainfully employed, writing for banks and electric utilities from here to Delaware. It’s a small shop of about a half-dozen people, but nice. Best of all, it’s a relaxed 45-minute commute. While everyone else is bumper-to-bumper towards Boston, I just cruise easily toward the New Hampshire seacoast.

> The weight loss started in December, when we scheduled a Disney vacation for April. I was heavier than I’d ever been, and knew that running after Ben in Orlando would make me miserable to be around; well, I wasn’t about to pay that kind of money just to be a grouchy wallflower. So I joined Weight Watchers and lost about 70 pounds for the trip. Upon returning I aimed to make it an even 100 pounds by my birthday. Now I’m lighter than I was when we got married in 1997, and I am trying to peel away a few more years by the end of 2014. That’s all I’ll say on the subject, because I find self-congratulatory weight-loss stories unbearable when other people tell them. We’re all just a couple of bad weekends away from falling off the wagon, anyway.

> The vacation was fun. Years ago we swallowed hard and got a timeshare near Laconia, NH with the idea that we’d eventually be browbeaten into taking Ben to Disney. It worked as planned. We traded for a very nice 2-bedroom suite with kitchenette in Orlando, reducing the post-trip credit card bill with free lodging and a fair amount of eating in. Plus we invited my niece Erin and her significant other Marlon, which made things a lot more enjoyable. Everything that Elsa, Ben and I do is as a trio, so adding Erin and Marlon kept us from getting sick of each other while adding more adults to tag-team against an attractions-crazed Ben. Their enthusiasm and youth greatly brightened the trip. Meanwhile April in Florida was reasonably cool, the resort pool had a fake volcano and we all got home safely after sampling Legoland, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and the Hash House A-Go-Go (an upscale concept restaurant that was fancier than it sounds).