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Portrait of the author as an old man

Posted in Uncategorized by CopyBlogger on the August 19th, 2013

Happy 50, Dave

LAST MONTH I TURNED 50. No amusing cards, no silly hats, no gag gifts about erectile dysfunction. Just a small cake, a few candles and me with my wife and kid. I was a little grouchy, I admit. “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be,” said Robert Browning. Bah!

Consider the things of my childhood: vinyl records, rotary-dial phones, passbook accounts and the savings bond drive at my elementary school, three TV networks, watching my dad climb the roof to clamp a new antenna to the chimney.

Or, more telling, consider the newfangled stuff I’ve seen come and go:

- Fax machines and PDAs

- CDs (and the record stores that sold them)

- Series and parallel port connections

- Floppy disks

- Video stores

Depressing. I think I might even be AARP eligible now. So I’ll blow out the candles on this short entry before depression really sinks in, with the promise of a more extensive post next time out.